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Peter Jones is a singer/busker/songwriter from Liverpool, now living in Copenhagen Denmark.

Peter began writing songs at the age of 15. 

Without a TV or a radio in his childhood home, Peter´s first musical inspiration came from listening to his Grandmother singing old country songs while in the kitchen. 

Later on, he would be fascinated by such great influences as The Beatles, Bob Dylan etc.


In 1986, he went busking for the first time, and immediately realised that busking was for him the ideal way of performing and expressing his songs.

From the beginning, Peter has performed his own music on the streets.

To this day, he has written approx. 250 songs.


The songs are often based on events in Peter´s own life, or on personal conversations he has had with friends or strangers.


From 1986 to 2006, Peter was performing exclusively as an acoustic solo busker, but in 2007, he met experienced busker Tam Lawrence, and after jamming a few times, they decided to continue their busking as a duo. Soon after, they met guitarist/singer/songwriter Rasmus Stærke Voigt, and they expanded into a trio. Being the solo guitarist, Rasmus was using an amplifier, and so it happened that the trio went from being an acoustic band to an amplified band.


The band was named “Peter Jones & The Lazy Bandits”.

Soon after, they were joined by Italian busker, Gian Paolo Pastor. 


In recent years, Peter and Rasmus have been focusing mainly on their solo-busking projects, but as a duo or with The Lazy Bandits, they have been busking in many countries and performed at festivals in Russia, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Malta, Sweden, Denmark etc.


Peter (with or without the band) never follows a set-list of songs. The choice of songs always depends on the mood and the energies of the moment.


Peter has released 4 Albums over the years:


“Other People” - 1996

“Sunshine Up Ahead” - 2003

“Live On The Streets” - 2008 (The Lazy Bandits)

"The Looking Glass" - 2017



Other artists have recorded some of Peter´s songs:


“Did You Ever Love Anyone?” - Sara Katona Peyk (Hungary)

“Hooked Onto Your Love” - Anna Polly Zeiler (Germany)

“Street Singer” - Frederik Konradsen (Madagascar)

“Russian Blue” - Maria Arendt (Russia)

“I´d Do It All For You” - Maria Arendt (Russia)

“Best Time Of Your Life” - Lars Saville (Denmark)

“Beast Of Love” - Teresa Bangsgaard (in progress) (DK/Spain)

Aske Bang - “Russian Blue” (Denmark)

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